10 Tips for making the most of a day at Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor is one of our favorite family days out. From the rides, shows and miniland, it has a lot for Lego lovers. Before the Covid-19 lockdowns we would visit the park between 15 – 18 times a year. School holidays, Bank holiday weekend, we were there. Our son Emerson just loved it, it had everything we wanted for a day out.

USA in Miniland

Even with going so often, we want to make the most of the park each time. Over the years we have discovered a few ways to make the most of our time there and these are a few of my favorites.

Tip No1. Download the Legoland Windsor App.

The Legoland Windsor App is a free app for your phone and it is full of information about the park. It has a map on it showing you where all the rides, restaurants, show areas and facilities are (this come in handy when you have a little one who desperately needs the bathroom).

The app shows you what is going on it the park that day, the show times, the queuing times, if they have activities/special events happening and what offers they have on during your time in there park. We use the app all the time for queue times. I take the queue times as estimations as the app cannot keep up if a ride has a rush of visitors. As a rule I double the queue times so I am not disappointed when I stand in a queue saying it is only 20 minuets long when, from experience, I know it is more like an hour. A lot of people rush to rides with smaller queuing times and the system cannot keep up, so I just keep that in mind.

The app also tells you what height restrictions there are for each ride, and that leads me onto tip number 2.

Summer 2019

Tip No2. Know what rides you can go on.

Before visiting the park, check what the height and age restrictions are for each of your children and know what rides they can and cannot go on.

There is nothing worse then heading for a ride and then realising the height or weight restriction. Especially if your child is very excited about that one ride (trust me it is not nice, I learnt the hard way and it is something I avoid at all costs now).

There are so many photo opportunities in the theme park.

Tip No3. Plan the rides you want to go on.

Legoland Windors is a large place. Just like all theme parks, it has different themed areas containing the rides. By having an idea of what rides you plan to go on and what areas you want to visit during your day makes the day flow easier.

If you are unsure on what rides you want to go on or unsure of what the rides are, check the Legoland App. Each ride is on there and has a short description about it, so you know what type of ride it is and if it is suitable for you and your family.

Earning his driving licence

Tip No3. Food and drink.

If you are planing to take your own food into the park there are plenty of picnic benches or picnic areas to eat your food. I always pack a picnic blanket in our backpack to make sure that, on very busy days, we always have something to sit on for lunch.

If you are buying food in one of the restaurants, avoid peek times. If we ever plan to buy food in the park, by making sure we have plenty to snack with us we normally can make it past the busy lunch time rush. You can be standing in a queue for one of the restaurants for quite a while during the busiest time of day and sometimes, depending if it is a sit down restaurant or not, seating can be hard to find as seating in each restaurant is limited.

If you are taking your own drinks bottle you can fill it up with water at one of the water fountains dotted around the park, you can also go into any restaurant and they will fill it up in there for you. If you ask one of the members of staff that are normally floating around, they will happily get it filled up for you instead of you having to wait in the food order queues.

If you are planning on buying drinks in the park, you can purchase an all day refillable Coca-Cola Freestyle Vessel (around £9). You can buy one when you first get into the park (I would head down the hill first, the queues are smaller when the park is first fully open), or during your day at drinks and snacks stands in the park. Instead of queuing to buy individual drinks you can go straight to one of the refillable stations they have around the parks. Just make sure it is worth you buying first.

The Lego Castle

Tip No4. Pushchairs.

If you are visiting the park with very little ones, I would advise to take your own pushchair. Legoland is a big park, and it is on a hill. Little legs get very tired very quickly in this park. There are buggy parking areas at or close to the entrance to the rides and the park is pushchair friendly (The hill train is a great way to get your pushchair up and down the hill, but all paths are wheel friendly, just on a hill. Great if you want to get your cardio in for the day.). Plus, you have somewhere to put your bags and coats etc. Bonus!

You can hire single and double buggies in the park, they are just as you walk through the entrance, outside the Big Shop.

Yes please!

Tip No 5. Take a fan.

During the summer, and especially in heat waves like we are getting more regularly now, we take fans to help us stay cool. I purchases some hand held battery powered fans from amazon for around £10 each and they have helped on those hot summer days while standing in the queues. A lot of the park is outdoors and some have no shelter, so when you are standing in that heat it can become pretty unbearable for us and our children, and this can just ruin a day out. By taking our fans we have a little rest bite from the heat.

Enjoying a ride in a balloon

Tip No6. Tops trumps.

As we all know, queuing for rides can be exhausting. Our children don’t want to do it and especially in some of the queues it can test our patience. One way we have found to pass the time is playing tops trumps in the line. The game is small enough to fit in our bag and the games can last around 10-20 minutes depending on what cards we are dealt. After playing a few different games we are almost at he front of the queue. We take a few different packs with us so we don’t get board with playing the same one over and over again, but this really helps with passing the time while standing in the queues.

The attention to detail in the park is incredible

Tip No7. Get there early or stay until the end.

Legoland will let you through the gates 30 minuets before opening, allowing guests to watch the Welcome Show. After watching the show, if you know your most wanted ride of the day, head straight to it. This may be the shortest queuing time it will be all day. Once the park opens queues get very long very fast. Also, if you and your family can make it up until the end of the day, the ride queuing times go down considerably once guests start to leave. Instead of leaving Miniland until the end of the day, do it at the busier queue time and leave some rides until closer to the end. This can be a risk though, so make sure you don’t leave the most wanted ride until the end. On one of our visits we got to ride Ninjago 3 times in a row before the ride was closed for the day, whereas it had between 90-120 minute queue time during the day. Like I say, it is a risk as you may not get in the queue in time to catch the last ride, but defiantly one to remember.

FairyTail brook

Tip No8. Do I need a raincoat?

Many of times we have been caught in the rain while at Legoland. Be it a small shower or a full on down pore. When I check the weather before heading to the park, if there is a chance it could rain, i take a raincoat. It can be a pain to carry around and normally we have to take a second backpack to carry them around in, but they have saved our day many times. We have even had some of our best days in the rain as most people avoid the park completely when it rains.

If you do get caught out in the rain without coats you can purchase ponchos in the park. Either in the shops or vending machines near the water rides have them in.

A rainy day in Legoland

Tip No9. Decide of you want to purchase QBot.

This one is a little controversial. Some people love them and some people absolutely hate them, but, one way to do more rides during your time in Legoland is to buy a QBot for the day. There are different levels of QBot, Regular at £25, Express and Ultimate, and each level has different waiting times. If this is something you are thinking of doing, I would recommend purchasing before you visit the park. On the Legoland website it explains each level the QBots are and you can decide what level of QBot is best for you and your families needs on the day. Some QBots have ride restrictions and can be added on at an additional cost.

Tip No10. The gift shop.

One thing I really like about Legoland Windsor is that you do not exit the park through their gift shop. If you do not want to, you do not have to visit the gift shop at all. If you do wish to visit the gift shop before you leave, it does stay open an hour after the rides close. It does get very busy in there towards the end of the day. If you would prefer to visit the shop during its quieter times, first thing in the morning is quiet and it is open all day. Do however remember that whatever you purchase you have to carry around with you.

Summer 2019, pre COVID-19

I hope these little tips come in handy, and I hope you and your family have a wonderful time in Legoland Windsor.

Gemma x

The Legoland Hotel

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