Why I renew our Merlin Annual Passes

I get asked a lot about why I have a Merlin Annual Pass and why I am happy to spend so much money on them, and I always answer the same every time, for me they are worth every penny.

The Merlin Annual Passes

Tom, Emerson and I LOVE our family days out! We love exploring new places and seeing new things and just genuinely enjoy spending time together having fun. We love walks, bike rides and Theme Parks! Three years ago I discovered the Merlin Annual Pass and I couldn’t believe how many different attractions we could visit just using this one pass. After talking it though with Tom and wanting to make sure we would use them enough throughout the year to make them worth the price, I decided to buy them as a Christmas present for the three of us.

Learning to drive at Legoland

When I ordered our passes on line I discovered that we could have them sent to us through the post or we had 6 months to pick them up from a theme park of our choice, I chose for us to pick them up from Legoland (Emerson’s favorite theme park at the time) when the park reopened that March. When we had the passes it made me want to make sure we made the most of them that year and we ended up going on 22 different day trips to the different attractions that first year. I was so glad as I really wanted to make the most out of the passes and we really did.

The Tunnel at Birmingham Sealife

We used them so much the first year we didn’t even need to think about renewing them the second year, we just love the days out and I knew we would miss them if we didn’t go and the second year was the same as the first and we well and truly got the money out of them that year too. When it came to renewing them this year (2020 – the year of COVID-19!) I was a little worried about renewing them as the theme parks closed before our passes needed renewing and we didn’t know what would happen this year, but we went with our gut feeling and decided to do it and again i’m so glad we did. During the ‘school summer holiday’ weeks we used the passes 12 times just during July and August. Yes we did have to pre-book and pay the £1 per person booking fee (the fee is now lifted and is now free for pass holders to pre-book tickets), but for us it was worth it for the amount we used our passes and the fun we have on the days, for us it was worth paying an extra £3 for us to go per day.

Our little archer at Warwick Castle

We have Oktoberfest at Alton Towers and The Haunted Castle at Warwick Castle booked for this Autumn and a visit to Warwick Castle planned for New Years eve that we are really looking forward to going to these. Merlin do do Merlin Annual Pass holders days at the parks and I have seen they have a few over November 2020. It is so lovely to have something fun to look forward too, especially at the moment with everything going on in the world. We just love our Merlin Annual Passes and unless our lives change or our circumstances change dramatically we will be renewing our passes for years to come.

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