Feeding the Giraffe at Chessington

One of the gorgeous giraffe at Chessington

On Monday 26th August 2019 my family and I had an opportunity to experience something we had never before, we got the chance to feed the giraffe at Chessington World of Adventure.

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Arriving at the Chessington World of Adventure hotel

On the Monday morning we pulled up and parked in Chessington’s hotel car park and walked into the main reception. I have never seen a hotel reception like this one before! It was well and truly a safari themed hotel! It was brilliant! Inside the hotel reception there is a dedicated desk where a lovely lady checked us in for our animal experience. She let us know where to wait and explained that a member of the giraffe enclosure would come and collect us. We didn’t wait long when our guide Nicole came and told us more on what was going to happen. Walking through the hotel and out toward the safari area we where escorted to the giraffe enclosure, on the way Nicole told us more about what was going to happen while we were in the giraffe enclosure and what we could expect during our time in the giraffes home.

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The view of the Wanyama Reserve from the Hotel

Walking through a hidden door into the home of the 5 amazing Chessington giraffe, Nicole told us more about the giraffe, their names, how old they where and told us about their personalities. It was lovely to how passionate she was about the beautiful animals she helped look after. After telling us more about Kito and his friends we were taken up a set of stairs so we could reach their heads to feed them a bucket full of fresh leaves.

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Learning about giraffe

Nicole gave us all a hand full of leaves and told us how to feed the giraffe, as much as we wanted to we were asked to not try to stroke the giraffe as they are easily startled and we didn’t want to scare these beautiful creatures. Nicole was happy to questions any questions we had about the giraffe and she told us stories about each of the ones living at Chessington. We had loads of chances to take photos while these huge animals happily ate out of our hands. We loved feeding them. The giraffe where so cheeky and very gentle and they also have no spacial awareness at all, during a few of our photos Kito accidentally knock his head into Tom and me and we could not believe how strong he was. He was so lovely though and was amazing when Emerson wanted to feed him, all the giraffe tuck the leaves from him so gently that he didn’t feel scared at all.

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Kito stole my heart!

After about 30 minuets, with all the leaves gone it was time for us to leave the giraffe so they could go out into the safari area to roam for the day. Nicole walked us back to the hotel and advised us to watch our hands (you do get a lot of giraffe slobber on your hands if you hold the leaves flat on your hands – its not as bad as that sounds) and then she wished us a good day. It was a really lovely experience and we will defiantly be doing another animal experience at Chessington.

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Emerson loved feeding Kito and his friends

Before we where kindly given this giraffe feed I didn’t realize Chessington had so many different animal experiences for visitors to enjoy. From feeding their giraffe, capybara or sea lions, having a meet and greets with their owls, monkeys or skunks (I would love to meet a skunk!), to getting up close to their penguins, meerkat’s or even their white rhino or their amazing amur tigers! They even have days where you can experience what it is like to be a zoo keeper, carnivore keeper (how cool!) or sea lion trainer. Or if you are wanting something a little more relaxing they also do safari experiences where you come up close with the animals on their Wanyama Reserve.

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If you want to book your own animal experience at Chessionton World of Adventure check our their website https://www.chessington.com/explore/chessington-vip-adventures.aspx

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