A stay at Warwick Castle – Part 3

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Warwick Castle

Heading through the secret gate from the Knights Village to the Castle grounds. We got in the castle a little later on the second morning just because I did not want to leave our lodge until we had to. It was so peaceful and relaxing, I admit I just did not want to leave. Dragging myself away from the Knight’s Village we walked down the path and past the boat house where the Falconers Quest is and we all decided we needed to see that show again before we left.

At the top of Guys Tower

We headed back into the heart of the castle as Emerson was desperate to climb Guys Tower yesterday but we just did not have time, so we made sure it was the first thing we did that morning. Heading to the entrance we went straight up the first flight of twisty stairs and came to the first look out point. The castle is stunning to look at from the ground but the higher you go it just becomes more beautiful. Standing looking through an arrow slit Emerson was straight back into being an archer, pretending he was shooting his arrows on incoming troops trying to storm the castle, we just had to join in. When we could drag him away we walked across the castle wall and up the next set of windy steps. They do go up a distance but the view from the top is worth the hundreds of steps. It is breath-taking, up there you can see for miles. Make sure you take your camera as you will want to take photos.

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The view from Guys Tower is beautiful

Tom has always wanted to do The Warwick Castle Dungeons just to see what they are like so Emerson and I thought we would send him there while we explored some more. So while Tom was being taken on a tour of the dungeons, we headed to The Mound so we could have a walk to the top and explore some more of the grounds. When we got to the top and walked through the archway there is a little paved area with a few beaches and lookout points with binoculars. We stood up here for a little while watching the War of the Roses show down below before headed down.

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The view from The Mound

We reached the bottom and headed towards the Orangery and Peacock gardens. These well-kept gardens are beautiful, we loved seeing all the peacocks walking around the bushes and flower beds, and just casually walking in front of us, this is truly their garden. The photo opportunities are endless with beautiful birds. We sat and had a drink of one of the benches that are located around the garden before heading back into the castle. We wanted to go and check out the Bear Tower next, this is where they say they kept the bears before using them for beating many years ago. The Bear Tower is located near Guys Tower entrance, don’t worry, there are no steps to this one. In the room there is a large wooden plank/tree trunk and some shackles. It is quite eerie in there and sad when you read what the room was made for. After being in this little room we wanted to see more of the history of the castle so made our way around the central green to The King Maker part of the castle.

One of the stunning Warwick Castle Peacocks

The King Maker is located just to the left of the great hall. As you head through the door you are taken through rooms that have been reconstructed to show what life was like back in 1450 as the Earl of Warwick prepares for war. Each room is set up showing a different part of life depending on your rank. With children on wagons, blacksmiths creating armour, the treasurer making sure all the money is in order and even fouls joking around. During your time in these rooms you learn more about what life was like hundreds of years ago and in the last room is the earl himself going over plans with his closest companions. There is a photo opportunity half way around if you want a photo to remember your time in that part of the castle.

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The King Maker

As you leave The King Maker you exit through a little shop full of pens, key rings, books and even special made ales and spirits made for Warwick Castle. I have to admit I was thinking of presents for family when I saw the different coloured bottles, I may be going back for Christmas presents. Walking out of the shop you are still in the lower level of the castle, to your left is the pizza and pasta restaurant and the toilets, and to your right you are taken to a set of stairs that brings you back out to the central green. We knew Tom would still be quite a while so we headed back to the Archery and Knights School so Emerson could have another go while we waited for his dad to finish in the dungeons. After another round of Knights School the sky opened and in poured it down with rain, archery will have to wait, we ran to the castle and took shelter in the Time Tower.

Having fun with his cross bow

The Time Towers is an automated set of rooms that, at the beginning you are taken back to when Warwick Castle is first born. As you go through the three rooms you are taken form the castles birth to where it is now. You find out a bit of the history of the castle and who it belong to over the hundreds of years. This little automotive tour only lasts around 15 minutes but it is really interesting to learn more of the history of the fantastic castle, and the way the films are made and the tails are told really keeps everyone’s attention throughout. We will defiantly be doing this part of the castle again.

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The War of the Roses Live

As we left the Time Tower it had stop raining and Tom had finished his tour of the dungeons and we were all hungry so we thought it was time to have some lunch and we could catch up on the last few hours. Tom enjoyed the dungeons, telling us about the different rooms and what the actors where like in there. Warwick Castle strongly recommend anyone under the age of 10 should really think about going in as it is not made for children and after Tom told me what it was like we knew we made the right decision not to take Emerson in, we will wait until he is a little older.

Emerson with one of the amazing Knights of Middle Earth

After lunch it was almost time for The War of the Roses live show and as we loved it so much yesterday we wanted to see it again today. As we had picked the white York side yesterday, we went for the red Lancaster side today. Even though we had watched it the day before we still loved seeing it again. After the show one of The Knights of Middle England was taking some of the props back stage and stopped to talk to Emerson, well for a boy who had just discovered how much he loved knights you could imagen how excited he was. He couldn’t speak. The lovely man asked if Emerson wanted a photo with him and Emerson beamed! After that all the way to archery all he could speak about was how he got to have a photo with a “real live knight”, this had really made his day. Something so small to someone can really mean the world to someone else. I never asked the man his name and I wish I had now as I truly wish I could thank you by name on this blog. Thank you red squire, you really made his day.

Round three of Archery

Back at the archery now and Emerson got to fire his 12 arrows, getting 3 bullseyes! I think all the practice the day before had really paid off! He was so happy. Just as he finished his shooting the Falconers Quest began and we watched this enchanting tail for the second time during our stay. We were still in aww watching those magnificent birds.

When the show was finished we knew our time at Warwick Castle had come to an end. We headed down to the knights village gate where we had come in that morning. Walking back through that gate made me a little sad as I wanted to go back to our lodge and stay another night. Obviously we couldn’t and we headed back to reception to hand in our key card. It was lovely to be back in the Knights Village even for a few minutes, it’s so lovely and peaceful in there it just makes me smile. Now it really was time for us to leave.

Hobby on his Falconers Quest

Heading out of the great hall and down the ramp towards the car park all three of us where saying about how much fun we had over the last two days. We all had our favourite parts we wanted to talk about and all the way home to tell each other the best bits and laughed. These two days will be two days I never want to forget and I hope one day soon we will be back for another stay at the magnificent Warwick Castle.

Warwick Castle have different events on throughout the year so please check out https://www.warwick-castle.com/events/events-at-warwick-castle.aspx to see whats going on before you visit, some of their events are not to be missed.

Warwick Castle

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