A stay at Warwick Castle – Part 2

Our Woodland Lodge

Our first stop at the Knight’s Village was at the reception next to The Great Hall to get our key card and find out which lodge we were staying in. Wheeling our cases down the wooden walk way we found our where we would be spending the night, and it was stunning!

Inside our Lodge

Walking to our lodge we were in awe, they are so beautiful. These wooden lodges transport you to another era. It was so peaceful where it was situated in the Knights Village and yet close enough to everything that we didn’t need to walk far to anything.

The theming inside the lodge was amazing! Walking in to the main area we found the master bed, hanging just above the headboard was a green shield with an eagle’s head on it. On the wooden beamed ceiling hung a beautiful metal chandelier with flame shaped lights, matching the wall lights that where either side of the bed. Even the windows had lead detailing on them. Opposite the bed stood a wooden table and stool with a lovely wooden mirror, perfect for getting ready later. On the table was a wooden box that held a kettle, cups, tea, coffee and biscuits in it waiting for you.

Emerson having fun in the woodland lodge

I love stepping back into the medieval era, but I’m so glad we had coffee. There was a TV on the wall just above the table but I have to admit, we didn’t even turn it on. There was even a falconers satchel and glove on the wall. The amount of thought and detailing that has been put into the theme of this room can been seen everywhere, it has been beautifully done.

The second bedroom

There were four doors heading off from the main room, one a wardrobe area, one was locked. One takes you into your bathroom that comes complete with a large walk in shower, fluffy white towels, complimentary toiletries, and the last door was into the second bedroom, this would be were Emerson was sleeping for the night.

The Tents at night

The second bedroom has wooden bunk-beds (each with its own light on the wall – such a good idea if your little one needs a night light to sleep) and a trundle bed so you could sleep up to three in here, and on the wall was a medieval cartoon tapestry of a battle, keeping in theme but more child friendly in here. Emerson loved it!

While Tom and I got our things unpacked for the night Emerson headed outside to play with his sword and cross bow, I just loved how he wanted to be outside using his imagination instead of just wanting to be stuck in front of the TV! I could not be happier right now. Tom and I got unpacked as quick as possible and joined our boy outside.

Our view of the Tents in the evening

We played out front of the lodge for a while and then decided we would go to the evening entertainment that is put on for us while we are in the Knights Village. As we had dinner reservations in The Great Hall later that evening, we showered and got changed before going down to the field near the River Avon to see what was going on. Walking down the wooden walkway to the river we got to see the Knights Village Tents, they look awesome! We know we wanted to try one of those out one summer. Just after the tents, in the little field next to the stunning river, they had areas set up for the activities. There was Archery, Jester Games, Knight’s School and an area where you had the opportunity to hold either an owl or a baby falcon.

Warwick Castle Knights

As we arrived the Knights at the knight school arena where calling for us all to gather around and they started a battle with each other, after a few minuets of fighting and making us all laugh and cheer the Knights asked the children if they wanted to learn how to fight like them, you can imagen the reaction. Emerson was so happy, thankfully he had brought his wooden sward for the knight school (the third one of the day, he was well and truly knighted now!). It didn’t matter if you hadn’t got a sword, the knights gave the children a wooden one if you didn’t have one, I thought this was so lovely and all the children got involved. We watched how the two knight’s taught the children some moves and what to do to defeat their enemies. It was so lovely to watch Emerson enjoy this again. He really could not get enough of the knight schools!

I got to hold a baby Falcon

After we wanted to see the owl and falcon and we only had half an hour until dinner so we headed to the falconer who told us we could hold them, you have to purchase a ticket and it is £7.50 each to hold one of the birds. We have always wanted to do this so we brought a ticket each and Emerson went first. The falconer gave Emerson a leather glove to put on and told him exactly where to stand and the little owl flew straight onto his hand. The tiny bird was so friendly. Emerson enjoyed holding the owl, he was just a little scared he was going to do something wrong and hurt it but the falconer was brilliant, he told him just what to do and was really encouraging. Next up was me, I had the option the owl or a baby falcon. I chose the falcon, it was gorgeous! I was given my instructions and the leather glove then the tiny bird flew from the falconers glove, around a tree and then on to my hand. It was amazing! The baby falcon flew around for us for a few minuets and then settled on my hand for photos, it was such an amazing experience that I had always wanted to try and I’m thrilled! I cannot believe I got to hold the little falcon while I was there! Now it was Tom’s turn and the little bird darted from hand to branch, to hand to branch. It was so lovely to see. I love that little falcon! Now it was time for dinner.

Emerson holding the Owl
The Great Hall

We had decided a few weeks before that we would eat in the village as we knew we would be tired from the day and didn’t want to head out anywhere. We headed to the great hall where our table was waiting for us. It was a buffet style set up that evening with a different array of food to temp us. I’m always a little worried when we eat out as Emerson is a little fussy when it comes to food but there was loads for him to choose from. He loves a roast dinner and they had all his favorites, chicken, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes and loads of veg, he was very happy! Tom and I were too. I opted for the chicken too and Tom the Steak and Ale pie. It was lovely. They had a selection of puddings to choose from if you had enough room for one, we didn’t. With your meal you do get water, fruit juice and fizzy drinks from the drink machines included, and they also have a bar in the hall where you can order from a selection of beer, wine and spirits, even champagne if you fancy it. It’s nice we had an option to have that with our meal and Tom surprised me with a a pink gin and tonic (my favorite).

Enjoying the Jester Games

The meal was lovely and relaxed, we didn’t feel rushed at all. After our food we realized we still had some time before the evening entertainment down near the river was over so we headed back down and all three of us had a go on the archery. It was fun and the gentlemen was so patient with me (it was my first go ever at archery) and he was really encouraging, plus, just like all the staff all day had, he was completely in character throughout. So good. After Archery Emerson even got to have a go with the Jester’s Games before the two Knights at the knight school did their last battle to end the evening. This was the end of the evening’s entertainment, we all clapped and cheered the staff who had stayed to do these activities and then we headed back to our lodge. Emerson was still buzzing form what he had done throughout the day, he wanted to carry on playing with this weapons he had brought that morning. We played until the sun went down and then sat on the bench on our balcony, it was so lovely to just to sit and talk about all the things we had seen throughout our first day. After a while it was time for bed and Emerson fell asleep straight away. He was exhausted from everything he had done that day.

Enjoying the evening at Kight’s Village

The next morning we were up early and got ready for another full day in the castle. We headed back to the great hall for breakfast to fuel up for another packed day. The breakfast was a buffet style with full English cooked breakfast options, with a vegetarian option. They also had a selection of cereals, fruit, yogurt, pastries, pancakes and toast. Endless tea, coffee, soft drinks, juice and water are included in your breakfast. Tom and I opted for a cooked breakfast and Emerson ate his way through two bowls of rice crispies and an apple. With full tummies again we headed back to the lodge to enjoy our last hour there before putting our cases in the car and checking out. At checkout we were able to keep our key, this is because there is a secret way into the castle for Knights Village guests. Head back down the wooden walk way until you get to the Warwick Bear, carry on straight down towards the river and on your left there is a little bridge over a steam with a gate the other side. Use your key card to get through this gate and it brings you into the castle grounds. Over the huge garden is the Orangery and Peacock gardens and follow the path to the castle itself.

The River Avon at the bottom of the Knights Village

We had a truly amazing stay at Warwick Castles Knights Village, if you want to book your own stay please visit https://www.warwick-castle.com/accommodation/stay-at-warwick-castle.aspx to book your own stay at this amazing place.

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