Our Stay at Alton Tower’s Splash Landings Hotel

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The Alton Towers Splash Landing’s hotel at night

Emerson has been wanting to stay in the Splash Landings Hotel since we first visited the Splash Landings Water Park a few years back. He was mesmerized by the theme of this hotel as we walked through to go down to the water park. We have never been able to stay there until now. Emerson hates having a birthday parties for himself (he loves going to his friends, he just doesn’t like them for himself), so we thought we would surprise him by taking his to Alton Towers Splash Landings Hotel for his 8th birthday.

To say he was happy is an understatement. We kept it under wraps until his birthday morning when he opened his card form his dad and I, is where it told him were he was going and staying for his day. He was so happy he didn’t know what to do. As we drove into the hotel car park we were all a little excited and I was just hoping it would live up to the expectations of my boy. This was his main birthday present from us and I really hope he enjoyed staying here.

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The reception area

Walking with our cases into reception was amazing, the colours and the music hits you as you walk through the entrance and you are straight into the Caribbean mood. I loved the upside down umbrellas, the huge deckchair and ice-cream over the other side of the room. I had to get a photo of Tom and Emerson in that! Emerson started dancing around as we went to check in. The receptionist was lovely, I had booked the room back in December last year and I had planned to add the children’s birthday package before we went but time got away from me and I forgot to do it, but the receptionist was so lovely and she got on the phone and sorted this out for me. She told me it would be sorted and in our room before we went in it for the first time. I was so happy they could sort this out for me and with such short notice.

While the receptionist was on the phone I noticed a shop next to reception called The Shack. Inside you will find an array of Alton Towers souvenirs and merchandise you can buy, it also had some stay over essentials like toothpaste, toothbrushes etc you could purchase in case a guest had forgotten to pack anything (we have all been there). Just outside of The Shack was a machine where you could personalize your own Alton Towers merchandise. Emerson loved this! Later in the day with some of his birthday money given by family, he made himself a key ring and a large note book with his name on it (as you can imagen you cannot get anything in a normal shop with his name on). On this machine you get to choose the picture from something in the theme park, Emerson is obsessed with Oblivion so both had a different picture of the ride on the front with his name in the Oblivion font at the bottom. To say he was happy with these is, again, an understatement. Once he had created his masterpieces we headed into The Shack to collect them.

The lovely receptionist took our cases to have them delivered to our room and we were free to go and have some fun. All three of us love the water park and Tom and I had paid to go in for the two days we where there, so we headed down the hotel stairs and straight towards the pools. One really great thing is that being hotel guests we got longer in the pool. You are given a wrist band so you are not asked to leave when everyone else does, you get extra hours and the pools get so much quieter. It was great!! We had so much fun in the water park (I have written a blog about the Splash Landings Water Park – if you want to know more on this please go check it out, its on my blog page).

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Fully themed hotel

It was now time for us to head to our room to get ready for dinner, I was just hoping Emerson’s Birthday surprise was in the room ready for him, and I’m so happy to say it was. As we walked through the shutter style door into the lovely light room the first thing we noticed was the theme, with cream walls, the room had hits of a Caribbean vibe throughout but not to over the top. It was just a nice hit of colour, with flowers and parrots on parts of the bedding and lamp. There was a double bed and bunk beds in the open plan room, with the wood of the beds themed in lovely vibrant mosaic colours. There is even a hint of the Caribbean in the bathroom, with the starfish shower gel. You also had your normal toiletries in there also and lovely fluffy white towels for us to use. In the bathroom there was your normal sink and toilet and a bath with a shower over it. Perfect for what you need for your stay.

The carpet in the room, and in the hotel, has a beach theme to it, with sand colour carpet with footprints in it and other beachey themed objects dotted around. Very fun! Our room also had a TV in the corner and a large table against the wall with a chair and large mirror, and on this table was Emerson’s birthday surprise. Sitting on top of a white box was a very cute fluffy teddy bear dressed in a red Alton Towers top holding star birthday balloons. In the white box was a cake just for us to help celebrate our boys birthday (and I have to say it was one of the best cakes we have ever had!). Emerson was so happy, he loved having this in the room. It made it just that little bit more special for him. Our room was looking over the outdoor pool area so it was lovely to be able to look out there and have a lovely view.

We had the birthday package added to our room to help celebrate Emerson’s 8th Birthday

We all had a shower and got ready for dinner. I had booked a table at the RollerCoaster Restaurant as the last time we had dinner here we all loved it (I have written a blog about the RollerCoaster Restaurant, please check it out on my blog page if you want to read more about this amazing themed eatery). walking out of the hotel and turning left we headed to the restaurant. When Alton Towers is closed they have a special entrance for the RollerCoaster Restaurant, it is literally at the edge of the car park so as we walked out of the hotel, past the monorail and the Extraordinary crazy golf and followed the walkway across the car park, instead of following the path to the right to walk around the long way into the theme park, straight ahead of you where there is normally huge wooden gates, these are opened at closing time so you have access to the restaurant. How good is that! We walked into the restaurant and enjoyed Emerson’s birthday dinner.

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Extraordinary Crazy Golf

When we had finished our meal we then headed back towards the hotel for the evening, stopping of at the crazy golf on the way (I have written a blog about the Extraordinary crazy golf it you want to know more, please check it out on my blog page).

Back in the hotel we headed to the entertainment and bar area so we could all have a drink before we turned in for the night. In the hotel bar area there is a little stage where a lady was singing and dancing and there were some games for the children to play in front of the stage area. Emerson was too tired to join in the games and just wanted to sit with us but other children seemed to be enjoying the hula-hoops and twirling ribbons around while dancing around with the singer. The bar has the normal beers, snacks, a cocktail and mocktail menu with some lovely drinks to choose from. As it was a nice evening the outdoor area was open and we opted to sit out there and enjoy the summer evening for a while. Emerson was telling us what his favorite parts of his birthday was (basically the whole day, I was so happy!) and talked about what we wanted to do the next day, before headed back to the room to relax before calling it a night.

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Flambo’s Jambo buffet restaurant

The beds were comfortable and we all had a great nights sleep. I had booked breakfast early to make sure we could take advantage of the early hour in the theme park on our second day. Breakfast was in the hotels restaurant called Flambo’s Jambo. This is a fully themed buffet style restaurant full of colour and quirky nods to a waterworks. We sat next to the waterwheel and pool during breakfast. It wasn’t turned on when we arrived but during our meal staff showed up to turn on the wooden wheel causing water to pour down the buckets, tubes and over the wooden wheel making it turn like a real waterwheel. This was so quirky and fun and we all loved it when it started up.

Breakfast was a buffet style with a selection of cereal’s, fruit, yogurts, bread, toast and of course the hot full English. You could just help yourself to what ever you wanted. The selection of drinks was good too. I have to had a coffee in the morning and it was good coffee so that set me up for the day. Tom, Emerson and I enjoyed breakfast and then headed back to the room to pack so we could check out before heading into the park.

The outdoor area of Splash Landings

It was sad to check out and leave our room, it had been so lovely to stay here. Taking our bags back to reception to check out the receptionist asked if we wanted to keep the bags in the luggage room, as we had our car in the car park we decided not to but I do think this is a great option to give to guests. We put our bags into the car and then walked towards the monorail. The queue was so long we decided to walk to the main entrance of the theme park. When we got there they have special entrance for hotel guests (this is the same entrance for pass holders too), it is just next to the main entrance and the staff were fantastic at showing everyone what line to queue up in. At 9am on the dot the hotel and pass holder queues where let through the barriers and we entered the park. They have a selection of rides open at 9:30am for us to ride before the park officially opens at 10am so that was nice we could get on a ride before the queues started properly. After the morning on rides we wanted to go back into the water park to take advantage of our two day water park pass so we headed out of the park and onto the monorail that transported us straight back to the Extraordinary Crazy Golf. While we were there we had another round and then back to the water park we went.

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The Splash Landings lit up at night

As we were still classed as hotel guests we got our wrist bands again that aloud us to stay in there until 8pm. We had a great afternoon going on everything in the water park before leaving around 7pm and heading back home.

To say we had a great stay at the Alton Towers Splash Landings hotel is an understatement. I have to admit I did umm and arr about booking this hotel for my son’s 8th birthday but it was an amazing few days and he absolutely loved it which meant everything to me. We work hard to pay for things like this and for my son to tell me it was his best present ever really meant everything. The staff were so friendly and went above and beyond for us while we were there. I honestly would recommend this hotel and we are hoping to check out what the other Alton Towers hotel rooms/glamping pods are like over the next few years.

Emerson absolutely loved his birthday surprise!

To book your own stay at Splash Landings check out their website https://www.altontowersholidays.com/splash-landings-hotel.html?adcode=ATH-S-ALL&agent=ATO05&gclid=CjwKCAjwq4fsBRBnEiwANTahcP9JAnS0BoqK-6ycOAgZ4gwAyRB2AkYWvRLpZyPcZ3LRB9LoCmwrqxoCn3oQAvD_BwE

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