Extraordinary Crazy Golf at Alton Towers

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During our latest visit to Alton Towers we decided to try out their Extraordinary Crazy Golf. We have been looking at this golf coursed for years and thought we would finally try it out.

The 18 hole golf course is split into two separate courses and you can either pay to do either one of the courses or both. The lady in the little castle entrance told us that holes 1 – 9 were the easier of the two courses, it was nice of her to let us know.

Prices for the crazy golf course are Adults – £5.00 for 9 holes and £7.00 for 18 holes, Children and Seniors – £4.00 for 9 holes and £5.50 for 18 holes, and under 3’s are free (taken from their website July 2019 https://www.altontowers.com/activities/extraordinary-golf/ )


After we paid and the attendant gave us our golf clubs, we picked a ball each and headed through the gate to the first 9 holes. Straight away you can see each hole has been themed after an Alton Towers ride, past and present.

Rita hole

With different features on each hole, it keeps the holes on both courses interesting and fun.

We each had our favourite holes. Emerson’s were of course the Oblivion hole and X sector (my son is obsessed with The Oblivion ride at Alton Towers!).

Tom’s was also The Oblivion hole, the music is playing on the hole too which was pretty cool, I loved listening out for the “don’t look down” moment. Brings back memories of the first time I heard it on the ride!

I loved the themes of the Farm Yard and the Cuckoo Cars holes. I also loved the Nemesis themed hole (one of my favourite rides in Alton Towers) with the jump you have to do and the secret child tunnel was a nice touch. Emerson loved being able to go through the tunnel and leaving us to “walk the boring way” (Emerson words) to the other side of the hole.


It was all the small details on each hole that made this crazy golf course so much fun. I have to admit that a few of the holes could do with a little TLC and some of the holes look a lot newer then others – obviously the newer holes are the newer rides and some of the rides are no longer in the park, but I’m sure Alton Towers have already got plans to update some of the holes with new themes. It didn’t make our game any less enjoyable. We loved our time around the courses.

Once we had done the first 9 holes we reached a gate that took us back towards the start. When you are here, depending on what you wanted to do, either 9 or 18 holes, you either left the golf course or went through the gate for holes 10 – 18 to carry on your game.

These 9 holes where slightly harder then the first 9 but we all enjoyed it and Emerson (he had turned 8 the day before) didn’t find them hard, just fun. We just enjoyed the whole time we were there.

After your last hole you get the opportunity to win a free round of golf, all you have to do is get a hole in one on the extra very last hole on the course. I have to admit we didn’t get it in but it was fun to try.

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The hen makes a noise if you get your ball through the hen house

We did have a really good time around the crazy golf course, it added something different to our normal Alton Towers trips and I will defiantly do it again.

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