TreeTop Adventure crazy golf

A few weeks ago we headed into Leicester to try out the new TreeTop Adventure Golf.

Heading down the stairs I was in awe, it was not what I was expecting at all. I felt I was walking into an underground jungle. Instantly you can see how much work has been put into this crazy golf course. I was so excited to explore more of this fascinating place!

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Loving playing!

Before we got to the front desk I noticed they had lockers, I mean how cool! You need a £1 coin to lock your bags away, and us being us we didn’t have one, but we will make sure we will next time as popping your bags away is great during a round a crazy golf! They only get in the way during your game.

When you get to the desk you have a a couple of options. You can either play just 18 or 36 holes while you are there.

As it was our first time we wanted to just try out I course just to see what it was like. Once we paid and had received our clubs and balls we headed over to the courses.

There are two amazon themed courses to choose from, the Tropical Trail or the Ancient Explore. Both look great but we decided to go for the Ancient Explore this time.

TreeTop have come up with a set of rules (nothing drastic!) for you to play by. Each player has up to 6 shots per hole. If you don’t get 6 shots you mask it down on your score card as 7 and move on to the next hole. While we were there it was busy and this helped keep queuing down. Just remember this is a family friendly place and there where a few families with very young children in from of us. We understand as we had Emerson and know what it was like when he was younger. Enjoy the game, don’t huff and puff at the group in front (talkings to the two gentleman in front of us), we are all here to have fun at the end of the day.

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Emerson getting a whole in one!

Each hole on the Ancient Explore course was different. Some had ‘sand’ pits, some with mounds, and some with statues that made noises and sometime spoke to you. It was so funny when I tuck a shot (I’m no golfer!) and the Ancient monument told me my shot was ‘pathetic’, honestly I couldn’t stop laughing, it was so true! I just loved how it the monuments came alive on some shots.

The amount of detail that has been put into this place is unreal. The trees (fake but look good) and the sounds and lighting all made the experience something like we have never know. Whoever came up with this idea is brilliant!

As we moved from hole to hole each one was better then the last. I have to admit I preferred the holes that had the monuments in them, but I did get my first hole in one ever on one of them (I was so excited! I have never got a hole in one ever!), and then Emerson followed me on that on our next hole. A few minutes later a lady appeared holding stickers giving them to anyone who had got a hole in one, Emerson and I wore ours with pride!

We took around 40-45 minutes to get around the course. After all 18 holes are played you have the opportunity to win a free round. It looks easier then it is, we tired and missed but it was fun. Your ball goes down one of the holes and all you have left to do is hand your club back in.

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After a fun game we were A little hungry and knew we wanted to eat while we were in town, and before we came I didn’t realize they had a Pizza Cabana here so we thought we would give it a go. We headed over to the Thirsty Tuscan bar and were given a drinks menu. It took me a little while to choose what I wanted as the mocktails all looked so good! I settled on the Jungle Cooler, so sweet and refreshing and I loved the moai cup it came in. Tom had a beer and Emerson a water and then scanned the pizza menu while the lovely lady behind the bar made up our drinks. I was fascinated with how she made my concoction. So made it look so cool! We ordered a pesto and feta cheese and a pepperoni pizza to share but when they came we wish we had ordered more, they were amazing!! I’ve never had a pizza like it, on one of the tables next to us a gentleman folded his and ate it like a wrap. They were so good! You can tell they are hand made and tasted beautiful.

They don’t just do bar drinks here, they also have a coffee shop with loads of options. They also had an array of cupcakes that were Vegan friendly so if you just want a snack after your game definitely check that out.

I have to admit I was blown away by TreeTop Adventure Golf, it was far batter then I was expecting. The thought they have put into this space is incredible. The courses, bar, coffee shop, pizza cabana, even free face painting, I highly recommend giving amazing place for a trip with the family or with friends (or both) it’s just so much fun and definitely gets you away from the real world for a few hours. We will be back very soon TreeTop.

For more info and locations of this amazing crazy golf chain check out their website

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