Algar Waterfalls in Spain

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Monday 15th July 2019 we had an adventure like we had never had before. On this beautiful sunny summer day in Spain we went on a trip to the absolutely beautiful Algar Waterfalls.

We had no idea what to expect. I knew to pack swimwear and towels (and sun cream!) and that we could take food with us or buy lunch while there. We decided to buy lunch, and I’m so glad we did.

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This place was amazing!

The bus picked us up from our hotel around 10am and headed towards the mountains, the scenery was beautiful and I loved how the background changed as we headed up towards the falls.

We drove through a beautiful town that’s was protected by the “sleeping lion” mountain. Our tour guide explained to us how the waterfall still provides the water to the town and how the water is meant to have healing properties and helps rejuvenate the skin.

Emerson loved taking a dip

As we had gone with a tour provider and we had traveled on a large bus, we had to park down the hill to the waterfalls entrance. It was only about a 10 minute walk up the hill to the beautiful waterfalls.

On the way up the hill there are a few shops that sell fruit, waterfall merchandise, the locally made gin and lots of other goodies. One shop we noticed sold water shoes. We had been told these shoes would be really good in the waterfalls as the stones and rocks are very slippy and these will help you slip less and also save your feet against the sharp rocks. They were 10 Euros a pair but they really were worth the money. They helped us so much during our time in the falls. I highly recommend having something for your feet, especially children.

The waterfalls are absolutely stunning

As you reach the entrance to the Algar Waterfalls you cannot help but notice how gorgeous this place is. Looking down you see two beautiful natural pools with a small waterfall dividing them, we could not wait to get into the water. You can either buy tickets before you go or you can pay on the door. During peak season it costs 5Euros for an adult and 2euros for a child under 10, under 3’s are free. Student and seniors are 4euros. During the off peak season adults are 4euros, under 10’s are 3eroes, students and seniors are 3 euros and under 3’s are free anytime. You can get a discounted price for groups of 20 or more.

Whilst handing in our tickets (we had tickets given to us by our tour provider) we noticed they had lockers you could rent out to store your bags, all three of us wanted to go in the falls so we decided to hire out a locker to store out clothes and bags. It cost us 3 euros to hire a locker (you have to give them 6euros but you do get 3 back when you had your key and ticket back in), in the end we needed two to store all of our belongings but it was so worth the 6euros knowing our bags and clothes were safe and dry while we were in the water.

There are so many photo opportunities

After stripping down to our swimwear and popping our belongings into the lockers we headed down to the lowest point and walked into our first pool. The water is naturally flowing so never warms so it does take your breath away when you first enter the water, but after a few minutes we become acclimatized to the difference in the temperature. I have to admit I almost caved in and got out but I am so glad I stuck it out, it is so worth it.

We had a few photos in the first pool we dipped our toes into before putting my phone back into our locker, then we had a swim in the small pool. A dad and his son slid down the small waterfall into the pool we were swimming in and it looks so fun we thought we would have a go. It was so much fun, harder then everyone else was making it look but so fun. This place is so beautiful and so calming you really could spend hours here. As we were with a tour party we were allotted 2 and a half hours time slot for our visit to see the waterfalls and the area they were in before we had to head back to the bus.

The scenery is just stunning

After a little time in this first pool, sliding down the fall and climbing the rocks we wanted to explore more of these stunning falls. Heading up into the next pool of water Emerson jumped on Toms back as we headed through the clear water towards the huge fall in front of us. The largest waterfall was so impressive but as you can imagine, it was very popular. A lady who came from that part of the falls warned us that the water was really deep and the current was very strong, even though Emerson is a great swimmer we all thought it best he didn’t go into this part of the falls so he and I stayed in the pool next to it and Tom adventured into that stunning fall. I’m so glad Emerson and I stayed back as Tom couldn’t even get to the fall because of how strong the current was (and Tom is a very strong swimmer), most people gave up and sat on the rocks for the most amazing view of the cascading water.

Walking out of the water and up the steps into the hills are even more beautiful waterfalls. One had been turned into a “jump in” fall. People were queuing to jump off the top of this waterfall into the little lagoon waiting for them at the bottom. We wanted to give it a go but unfortunately we were running out of time before we had to head back to the bus and the queue was quite long so we had to give this a miss. walking further up the hill was another stunning fall and huge pool for us to have a swim in. I could not get over how amazing Algar Waterfalls was.

I even got a picture in one of the waterfalls

Our time was up and we had to start heading back down the hill and to be honest with you we really did not want to. We wanted to stay longer. As we headed to the lockers to collect our clothes and bags and started walking back down the hill to where our bus was parked. We did notice a car park that charged 5Euros to park and as we were talking about how much fun we had had there the three of us did decide that if we ever came back to this part of Spain we would definitely hire a car and drive to the falls just so we could spend longer there and enjoy this stunning place at our own pace. Honestly the only down side to our trip was the short amount of time we had there. I truly recommend this place to anyone, even if you don’t want to go into the water, this place is so beautiful I am so glad we decided to go.

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